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5 countries in 7 days

€689 per person


We meet in Liège and leave the same day for the Dutch border. For those who live far away, an extra night can be booked, so that you can get on the bike at 10 o'clock in the morning.

After Valkenburg we cycle further south through beautiful Belgian Limburg to finally arrive in Liège after 86 kilometers and 1000 meters of altitude.


There you can display your bags in the hotel and have a nice dinner in the city or in the hotel.

Luik - Luik


After a hearty breakfast, we head further south towards the north-Luxembourg border. During this stage the hills get higher and more climbing is needed.

More and more we are entering the Ardennes towards the south-east. We climb around 1500 meters over about 85 kilometers during this stage.


You will sleep in a comfortable hotel after a drink at the bar with your fellow cyclists.

Luik - Courtil


Your supply with lunch and luggage leaves from Courtil in Belgium, heading towards the Luxembourg and German borders


The hills are even higher than yesterday and the stage is harder. Still great to do for the cyclists among us.


After 10 kilometers we cross the Luxembourg border and we cycle no less than 120 kilometers across Luxembourg territory.


After 85 kilometers we approach the Luxembourg town of Echternach where you can unpack your suitcase again. Echternach offers many restaurants and bars where you can go to eat and drink.

Courtil - Echternach


Today we visit three countries. We first head south along the German border to the Moselle region in northern France. During this stage you cycle along the vineyards on the west side of the Moselle. The road offers many beautiful views of the river, which you mainly know from many postcards.


At the border you pass the village of Schengen, where in 1986 the signing of the now known Treaty took place.


At Schengen you cycle into France. Here we make a loop of approximately 15 kilometers and then end up on the east side of the Moselle. Here at the town of Kaltweiler we reach the southernmost part of the tour.


We now cycle north past the beautiful castle De Malbrouck to the final destination of this stage, the German town of Merzkirche.

Echternach - Merzkirche


You wake up again near Merzkirche and you prepare for the 5th day or the fourth stage of this trip.


During this stage you will approach the German Eifel area. This area is known for its many villages and challenging winding roads against the green hills. Here too, the Moselle displays a recurring image in your view from the bicycle.


Before we reach the Moselle we arrive at a side branch of this famous river, namely the Saar, about 10 kilometers away. Along this Saar there was a lot of industry in the 20th century (coal, iron and steel). These cities have benefited from their location on this river.


At the town of Konz we meet the Moselle again and we cycle further north along the bank of the river. Along this small-urban part of the route there is ample opportunity to stop for a drink on the terrace. At Schweich we cross the Moselle and cycle further north to finally spend the night at the town of Eisenach.

Merzkirche - Eisenach


From Eisenach we cycle further towards Belgium. With a hearty breakfast, it must certainly complete this approximately 100 kilometers.


Still, a tough first part of this fifth stage is still waiting. Over the first 60 kilometers, 1100 meters of altitude will have to be covered.


The last 45 km in Belgium is climbing 600 meters, descending against 600 meters. Beautiful vistas and fun descents alternate quickly.


Eventually you will arrive in Weismess. In this area we will find shelter for one more pleasant and colorful evening and a last, hopefully good, night's rest.

Eisenach - Weismess


The last breakfast, the last stage day has arrived. We give everything to finally get back to the car in Liège undamaged and to be able to sleep in your own bed again tonight.


This stage of 1400 meters and 1700 meters of descent is, so to speak, difficult to do with 75 km. The evening before this day will be all-determining :)


Of course, the Etappe Tours team waits for everyone to complete the tour. We continue to provide assistance where needed. In Liège we say goodbye to each other. For those who want it, data can still be exchanged. Hopefully until the next trip with Stage Cycling Tours!

Weismess - Luik