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Las Palmas - Cala Tuent - Déja - Sant Elm - Las Palmas


€499 per person


From the airport of Las Palmas you will be taken to the hotel in the city. There you will meet the rest of the group and we will go through the day of the first stage with you. We will also have the opportunity to adjust the bikes so that you can start the tour comfortably.

Las Palmas


The first stage on this rugged sunny Spanish island leads you from the capital of Mallorca north to Cala Tuent, located on the west coast.

After 25 km you will arrive at the Col de Sóller. This has (from the south) an average gradient of 4% and is a nice "warm-up" for the rest of the stage. From there we continue further north, where we must conquer the Alto de Puig Major. A tough climb of 13 km with an average gradient of 6%. The stirring sea breeze can make it all a little heavier.


83km / 2278hm

Cala Tuent


After a beautiful sunset, a wonderful night's rest and a hearty breakfast in the hotel, we head south again towards the town of Déja in the second stage. After 55 km you cycle through the port town of Port de Sóller.


Three kilometers away you get a vicious climb (Cap Gros), but with one with a fantastic view over the harbor town.


Further on this route we climb the Col de Sóller again, just like in the first leg, but from a northerly direction.

It is a beautiful stage where we have the choice to take the short or the long route (a loop with more altimeters). Something for everyone.



108km / 3608 hm

68km / 1654 hm



This 3rd stage is characterized by a number of short climbs. The heaviest of these is at 28 km. From Banyalbufar there is a steep ascent with an average ascent of 12% over a length of 2 km. Let go after all those beautiful views. We will of course also support you during this stage.


We continue on the coast road to finally arrive in Sant Elm. A nice tourist place on the far southwest of Mallorca, where you can go out for dinner in the evening.


For the planned tour of April 9, we will cycle from Dejà to Las Palmas on the third and final stage. This ride is slightly longer but has less height meters to digest. Tomorrow (on day 5) we say goodbye to each other.


70km / 2621hm Deja - Sant Elm

105km / 2150hm Deja - Palma de Mallorca

Sant Elm


The fourth stage we go again to the capital Palma de Mallorca. This ride starts in Sant Elm and leads you through the hills to Las Palmas.

If you want, you can also attach a 5th stage to it. Support for EtappeTours is only on request.

There are 3 stages on the program for the trip on 9 April. In principle we will then cycle from Dejà to Las Palmas.

Of course we can adjust the tour to your specific wishes. We welcome you to our group!


82km / 1622hm Sant Elm - Palma de Mallorca

Las Palmas